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Tis the season to get scented


Here’s a clever idea. Why not evoke some Christmas nostalgia in your store this season?!

These easy to make Christmas decorations not only look divine, but will fill the air in your store with a long-lasting seasonal sweet & spicy fragrance.

You’ll need oranges, cloves and thin coloured ribbon (enough to wrap around your orange twice and a bit more). You’ll find all your finishing touches like bows, wraps and ribbons at reduced wholesale prices – right here.

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World Cheese Awards – BBC Good Food Show

World Cheese Awards 2015

For years now, WBC has been a big supporter of the Guild of Fine Food. From our shared collaborations at the annual Speciality & Fine Food Fair and the Harrogate Fine Food shows, to our partnership in running the Guild Retail Cheese Training Courses in the WBC showroom; it goes without saying we love The Guild! So when I was asked by Director John Farrand to participate as a judge in this year in the World Cheese Awards I was honoured.

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Make the most of Small Business Saturday in 5 easy steps

Small business saturday

It’s the annual Small Business Saturday again this weekend – Saturday 5th December. WBC welcomes this grassroots, non-commercial chance for us all to champion the UK’s 5 million small businesses and encourage consumers to ‘shop local’ within their communities.

In the UK, Small Business Saturday takes place on the first shopping Saturday in December each year. But to be fair to the organisers, this is a campaign which aims to have a longer lasting impact on small businesses throughout the year too.

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The battle of good over evil

An idol ‘Durga’ being immersed in river Yamuna, Delhi after the completion of five days Durga Puja Festival, on October 17, 2010. P D Photo by Debatosh Sengupta

With the monsoon finished and the celebrations of Durga Puja over, the end of Diwali signalled a reignited excitement for the India project and another visit in November to look at practical ways we can help to keep momentum going.

Heading along the new highways for the ever shorter drive out to Baduria, bustling Kolkata gives way to the growing suburbs fading in to lush green fields and monsoon soaked lakes. It really is a beautiful time of year.

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WBC retail Prop Shop launches on eBay


Hi, I’m Sarah Wilson and I’m a retail prop buyer for WBC.

I have a passion for 20th Century furniture, vintage props and decorative items. It’s a passion that propels me out of bed between 1am – 3am, four days a week to hit the road in search of beautifully designed objects which in turn are used across the UK retail market as seasonal displays and retail merchandising props for shop windows

I have a particular weakness for a nice chair, some of which are pictured on my Pinterest Board: Mid Century Modern Chairs. I’ve been known to break into an undignified trot across a field full of white vans at antique fairs to secure one or two of these beauties!

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What is a ‘concept store’ and why is everybody doing it?

Top Man - General Store

When we look at retail today, it’s clear to see that we as consumers, sick of being stuck in the mundane routine of life, are aching to see innovation. We want new ways of shopping and fresh experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Ask yourself this.

Have you ever seen an Apple store empty?

Isn’t it true that whenever you walk past one or stop to go inside, you’re amazed to see what is a remarkably blank space packed to the rafters with millions of humanoids playing with shiny screens, like they have all the time in the world!

And then in contrast, you come across a Curry’s or a T Mobile store, and it’s midway between a ghost town and dawn of the dead.

You wonder why these businesses haven’t noticed the very real impact that locking your goods away behind glass doors or using ‘fake’ phone models in place of real ones, can have on your ability to engage with your audience and get them hooked and reel them in.

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Bombings, cuts to pensions, refugees… but UK media lead with threat of #plasticbags “chaos”

Seriously though.

Wales have been doing it just fine for the last four years.

Northern Ireland since 2013.

Scotland appears to have managed it ok since October 2014.

So that just leaves England.

The last nation in the UK to step up to the plate, and it sends the media into absolute melt down with apparent “confusion over the ‘complicated’ plastic bags law”.


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