Dreaming of a White Company Christmas – Case Study


As retail developer at WBC, much of my year has been focused on growing our retail display department. Our vision is to design thoughtful and sophisticated display concepts that marry function and design at attractive price points. The fascinating this for us is that the type of retailers that now buy from us is changing too. Retail display is taken us into completely new industry territories for us, and we’re really excited about it. One of the recent highlights is a project we’ve been working on for the White Company. Here’s an outline case study of the project.

When emails come through from Helen Kendall, the Visual Presentation Manager at renowned The White Company, a feeling of delight comes over you.  Helen and the team have been working with us this year on bespoke retail display concepts for their Christmas displays across The White Company estate. We were flattered of course, but more than that, it was a bit of much needed confirmation for us designers and developers, that we as a company are headed in the right direction. For many larger retailers, bespoke display is key for brand development and for creating a recognised style. We were excited to take our own off-the shelf design concepts, using them as a template and put together something tailor made to their needs.

Bespoke services is a growing area for us.  With volumes and healthy lead times, vm’s and design teams are choosing us to create exciting unique displays up and down the country. With a team of qualified industry professionals, as well as craftsmen and in-house artists at the helm, our aim is always to meet each challenge with fresh eyes; finding creative ways to set new trends, break molds and delivers within a project deadline. Remember, while your budget might not stretch to having something entirely bespoke made for you, our off the shelf collections of retail fixtures has something to fit every need and budget – with loads of scope to customise and make personal.

The White Company Brief

The core visual for The White Company’s retail display and product concept is white. White colourations and white tones. It’s what makes the brand instantly recognisable. With computer animated drawings (CADs) we came up with a display range that is not only on brand for Helen and the company, but also on brand for Christmas, perfect for the upcoming holiday season.

WBC_PROJ015_102-104_Proposed REV A-page-001

pic 3


From CAD drawings to product prototype, we fine-tuned our work to meet the standards of The White Company design team. The end result consisted of merchandising units handmade in the UK from a stained ply wood, distressed metal and wheel castors to ensure the overall product could be mobile. Not unlike our Kingsley collection of tables and shelving made in Brixton, these bespoke display units were finished in white and the paint distressed to keep the overall look on brand and yet still authentic and natural in appearance.

With the help of our genius logistics team at WBC, we are able to deliver bespoke orders on time anywhere in the country, without our customers having to deal with third parties.




pic 7

The White Company Christmas displays will be on a high streets near you now. Or if you happen to be in London doing your shopping, why not pop into Selfridges where you’ll be able to see the displays in action.

If you’d like to talk through a bespoke retail display idea for your own business, or even just arrange to visit our onsite prop shop, contact me directly at gerry@wbc.co.uk or on 08000 85 85 95.

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