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TedX Birmingham

Photography Thom Bartley @ThomBarley www.thombartley.com

Bringing the most innovative, pioneering & inspiring ideas worth sharing to Brum, TEDx Birmingham or TEDxBrum as it’s known to locals, met this past weekend for a day of inspirational talks, events, conversation, performance, and perhaps most importantly – a day of change.

“This city is changing. Step by step. Little by little.We all know Birmingham isn’t perfect but it’s our home. A home we are proud of. This year, TEDxBrum’s theme is DIY.”

We hope everyone that attended the event left inspired to continue effecting positive change both in themselves and their local communities – socially, politically and economically.

Catch the recorded live stream of the event here, and to read more about TEDxBrum visit their website or follow them on twitter @TEDxBrum #TEDxBrum

Credit to photographer Thom Bartley @ThomBarley


Photography Thom Bartley @ThomBarley www.thombartley.com

tedx 4

Photography Thom Bartley @ThomBarley www.thombartley.com

ted x 6

Photography Thom Bartley @ThomBarley www.thombartley.com

tedx 5

Photography Thom Bartley @ThomBarley www.thombartley.com

What is TEDxBrum?

Now in its third year, TEDxBrum is an independently organised and volunteer led event, proudly based in our home city of Birmingham.

In conjunction with a global initiative to spread ideas further, the TEDx program was born in 2009 to enable individuals and communities worldwide to hold locally relevant and independent events. As part of the global TEDx community spanning over 150 countries, TEDxBrum is Birmingham’s very own platform for ideas worth spreading.

As a team, we are immensely proud of Birmingham and our annual all-day event celebrates the diversity for which we are known. Showcasing talks from local thought leaders, our outstanding cross sector initiatives and performances featuring the very best in homegrown talent, we hope to prompt conversations, encourage collaboration, assert confidence in our civic identity and inspire our community to unite and orchestrate their own change.

If you work with a local TEDx event in your area and would like to talk to us about printing your conference bags, drop James Hayward an email at james@wbc.co.uk or visit bagsforlife.com 

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