R.I.P R-etail I-nspiring P-rops for Halloween


Way before the tinsel of Christmas goes up, retailers in the UK gear up for Hallow’s Eve or Halloween.  What was once a primarily American celebration reaching our shores via US television and other media, Halloween has now become a thriving commercial opportunity for retailers across the country; topping well over £300 million in annual UK sales.

So if retail statistics show that Halloween is spookily good for sales, then it’s well worth having a think about dedicating at least a corner of your shop floor or retail space to it, then merchandising accordingly. The WBC Popshop has an array of esoteric products which are sure to cast a spell over your customers, and most will double up for other seasonal displays. From ghoulish to creepy to downright frightening, these are just some of the props that will help you ‘sell a story’.

My favourite Halloween Props

Hooks are a great way to add a bit of grisly charm to your business. Suspend them from display bars or have them cascading behind the shop counter with copious amounts of gruesome splendour on show.  An effective and practical way to create a Halloween display.


Vintage display hooks start from as little as £9.95 Ex Vat


Original hanging butcher’s scale in brass adds authenticity to any food or deli display £180 Ex Vat


Butcher’s hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes


19th Century Blacksmith’s game hook £75 Ex Vat hang anything from sausages to bottle bags

Graveyards are synonymous with Halloween. Just the mere thought of them makes most of us mortals quiver, so the subtle suggestion or nod toward them, within retail merchandising, will set the scene immediately. While we don’t carry the odd tombstone, you can effect an eerie scene from the below WBC props using wholesale vintage shovels, pitch forks and spades which will hood wink anyone into thinking death was literally right around the corner….

If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find these currently in the window of The White Stuff clothing store across the UK and it’s not even Halloween yet. So don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of use out of them again, especially around gardening week and Father’s Day.

The perfect display prop for Halloween, gardening week or Father's Day

The perfect display prop for Halloween, gardening week or Father’s Day

Retail display props that have a distressed finish when merchandised in-situ, can give the illusion of a spooky scene. Below are a few of my favourite props in the category, but certainly check out our website for even more Halloween ideas.


Totally distressed metal tanks are the ideal prop for the uber urban retailer.


Create interesting, seasonal window displays that draws customers in. From £99 Ex Vat


A pleasing shaped hopper which has been refurbished. Great to use as a free standing or wall mounted fixture.


From coffee house culture to haberdashery splendor, this towering feature item is both architectural and functional.


100% natural jute offering a rustic look that can be used to add some charm to a retail environment.



Props allow you to build a look that conveys the ethos of your store merchandise

All of my favourite retail display and merchandising props for Halloween, can be purchased at trade prices by visiting the online Prop Shop. And don’t forget, hampers and gifts are also great business this time of year too. Have a read through ‘How to increase sales of Halloween hamper packaging’ for some top gifting ideas too.

Happy Halloween!

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