Exclusive visual merchandising workshop for local makers

Retail School

Did you know that in Europe shoppers don’t like to talk to people? It’s true, 76% of us never actually speak to a sales assistant when we’re shopping. That means that what we see makes all the difference to what we buy. How you present your products and the stage you set them in, is critical to the success of your sales. That’s the art of visual merchandising.

In partnership with Makerhood and the Metamorphosis Group, this 3 hour workshop is packed full of useful tips, tricks and guidance that we hope will take your sales to the next level. It’s hands on and practical too. You’ll be surrounded by the fantastic tools, retail props, display units and fixtures and have a chance to practice your dressing and display skills and get to grips with how to make your space work harder for you.

14:00pm – 17.00pm
Saturday 8th November 2014
WBC Retail Training Room – details below

Retail School 3

Topics Covered:

  • Who’s shopping and how can I attract them to my stand?
  • How can I encourage customers to shop for longer?
  • How do I build a pop-up or market stall, what tools do I need?
  • There’s only one of me, how can I use commercial techniques to drive my sales more?
  • What’s cross selling? And what clever ways can I combine products to actively sell more?
  • Dow do I measure my sales performance?
  • Q & A – your chance to question the experts on your individual needs.

Armed with the tools, the practical skills, the expert knowledge, and the inspiration that comes from learning in a safe space alongside other makers – we’re confident you’ll leave inspired to create attractive displays that engage with customers and boost your sales.

To read more about visual merchandising experts the Metamorphosis Group read here.

A one-day visual merchandising workshop usually costs £175, but WBC and Metamorphosis have agreed to run a half-day workshop for local makers at the special price of £36 (£30 + VAT). Makerhood Makers’ Club members are entitled to a third off this price and can book for only £24!

When: Saturday 8 November 2014, 2-5pm
Where: WBC Retail Training Room, 15 Bessemer Park, 250 Milkwood Road, London SE24 0HG

To book the workshop, please email training@wbc.co.uk

Makers’ Club members should log in to makerhood.com and go the Makers’ Opportunities forum to get their discount code.


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