The BRIX has landed – redefining a new era of retail display


Introducing BRIX – the entirely modular retail display system that’s offering high street stores, pop-ups, market stall holders, and even exhibition designers, a more flexible merchandising solution than previously available on the market.

We like to think of it as a retailer’s dream. The BRIX modular display system comprises of just 4 basic components. With them, you can build a small simple merchandised display or undergo a complete retail shelving fit out. BRIX is simple to build and doesn’t require tools to put together. Imagine endless configurations with the ability to construct your own unique retail shelving, central floor display or merchandising hot spot, as and when space or seasonality demands.

And BRIX can move with you: all elements easily re-located, interchangeable and mobile. Start small with just one or two units, and then expand by ordering more BRIX. And as your business grows so too can your collection of BRIX, simply add some more.

That’s the basics, but keep reading to find out the story behind the BRIX…


The story behind your BRIX

Twelve months intense design process, followed by endless prototyping and finally the BRIX modular display system was born. Like the Kingsley range of retail shelving and display fixtures launched last year, BRIX is designed in Brixton where it also gets its name, and engineered in Horsham to exacting tolerances. BRIX is hand-crafted in top quality vintage wood and distressed metal and the culmination of a very specific design brief:

Fabricate an off-the-shelf modular display system that’s entirely interchangeable with a high-end contemporary and industrial finish but with an affordable price tag for independent retailers.


BRIX appeals to a wide variety of retailers – fashion outlets, exhibitors, high street shops, pop-ups and caterers, who despite having very different needs in terms of audience, are now able to look to a universal retail shelving system to meet them. At WBC, we’re not your traditional shop fitter, creating fixed and inflexible retail shelving systems; our niche, is offering total flexible solutions made up of a small range of components. Assembled in minutes and highly mobile to suit the modern independent retailer, you choose how far to go – create a small hot-spot, or undergo a complete refit.


Pop Up Coffee2


Brix_Blue Background

BRIX may look complicated at first glance, but the design is simple and ingenious. Just four crates: one wire box, one wood, one half size wire crate and one with wheels that enables any combination to be mobile.

No tools are needed for construction and everything is held together with simple metal pins. And the beauty of that is that all display units can be joined together offering infinite combinations and designs. The BRIX modular display system can be changed easily to suit your budget, seasonality, or other space requirements. Imagine creating a fabulous kiosk for an off-site event, and then simply loading the BRIX into your van and slotting them back into your shop when it’s finished. BRIX opens up a world of seasonal event opportunities, while catering for those whose retail display needs are more permanent. As you grow, just add to your display; if you move, take them with you.

BRIX is a one off investment that’s built to last. One box, hundreds of ways to display!

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  1. Ken Christy at 6:30 pm

    From the visuals supplied I like the look of these units, a slight move away from the crates that have landed everywhere. I look forward to visiting your stand, seeing for myself and judging how cost effective they are.


    • Bobby Stearns at 10:31 am

      Thanks Ken, glad you like the look of the new BRIX range. We’ve designed this range to offer a fully modular and mobile display system, that can be added to as needs and space increases. It’s value will not be found in the cost of each crate but in the versatility that the entire system offers. Love to see you on stand 410, will get Gerry to look out for you!

    • Bobby Stearns at 9:24 am

      Hi Brenda, made locally here in Brixton unfortunately we don’t distribute in the US as yet, but companies can arrange their own courier (ex works London). Maybe one day, because we’re super glad they’re getting so much love.

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