Happy Birthday to us! WBC 25 years young

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Some of the observant among you may have noticed it’s our 25th Birthday this year! Maybe it’s the bags under our eyes or the youthful spring in our step that’s the dead give it away; we’ll leave that for you to decide. 25 years since the business started with just a £5000 grant from the Prince’s trust which we bought a van with and started trading. And all those years later, it really is remarkable that our Directors have quite so many hairs left, and we have so many of our customers who have been with us from the start.

We won’t go into all the history or dredge out anymore scary pictures of us looking all embryonic and young, the origins of WBC along with scary pictures included can be found here in ‘A boxing History’. But this past weekend, the entire WBC family, babies, partners, and dogs, descended on Director Tim Wilkinson’s picturesque countryside home to celebrate what has been a whirlwind 25 years.

As much merriment, fun and games descended into a night filled with an abundance of too much food, a fair few bottles of Britain’s finest, and an obscene amount of disco shimmeying on the dance floor; we feel utterly grateful to you all for making it happen.

Managing Director Andrew Wilson, said it a whole lot better on the day, “I can honestly say we’ve enjoyed almost every day of the last 25 years, and while we’ve seen some of the biggest changes over the last few months with a move to new office and warehouse; while this has changed things, we hope it’s for the positive and will allow us to grow for the next 25 years. We have a long way to go as a business and are very excited about the journey.”

So as many a fine airline would say, we know you have a choice who you fly with, and we thank you for choosing us. Here’s to another 25!

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The full set of picture from the day can seen on our facebook page.

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