Bags For Life ordering dates during Durga Puja

It takes time to look this good. Which is just as well since when  it comes to making bags for life, our INDIA ECONOMY SERVICE comes with a 12-14 week lead time. We know it might sound like a lot of weeks, but with it, you receive entirely bespoke bags for life, up to 25% cheaper than our UK EXPRESS SERVICE. With a little forward planning, time is a small price to pay for the quality and value for money you get at the end of it.

Ever heard of Durga Puja? The really colourful Indian festival that marks the victory of the Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Not ringing any bells? Well if you’re ever considering buying bags for life from India, it’s a festival worth knowing about because it affects your ordering dates.

We hadn’t heard of Durga Puja before our journey into eco-friendly bags for life production. Not unlike our Christmas, this Indian religious festival lasts for 3 weeks through October. During the festival, things pretty much shut down in India while families get together and celebrate. It’s easy to work around, but it does mean that if you want your bags in time for the build-up to Christmas, now is the best time to place your order in.

The dates below should give you ample warning of when to order by. We always try to be flexible wherever we can, but plan well ahead to avoid disappoint and receive the most competitive prices. We always have a plan B up our sleeves, so read all the way down to find options for the desperate.

Bags Required for Order by Approx. Lead Time
February 2019 31/10/2018 13 weeks
June 2019 28/02/2019 13 weeks
September 2019 31/05/2019 13 weeks

If the dates above do not allow you to get your bags on time, all is not lost – we will do our very best to help you hit your deadlines and don’t forget our UK service prints bags in just 7 days!

UK Overprint – When you need bags for life asap, choose from 32 stock bags overprinted in up to 6 colours. Delivery in 7 days, minimum order 250 units, it costs a little more using our bespoke bag service, but it’s fast.

Airfreight – airfreight reduces the Indian lead time by about four weeks, but it comes at a price both to the environment and your wallet. Contact us and we’ll advise on prices for airfreight.

Mix & Match – Some bags now, some bags later. Place a smaller order for fast turnaround UK printed bags, with the balance produced in India. You’ll get the flexibility and price advantage of India with the convenience of local production.

Stock & Drop – Order more than 2000 bags and we’ll hold them in stock for call off as and when you need them. We’ll even let you know when you’re getting low.


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