WBC donates £5,000 to Prince’s Trust youth charity

It’s how WBC got started 25 years ago this year.

When banks and building societies didn’t want to know us, it was the Princes Trust’s support both financially and by way of mentor-ship, that allowed us to buy our first van to make deliveries and set us on our way.

Today, our director Andrew Wilson has himself had the privilege of mentoring several young people as they start up their own dream businesses. Each year, we ear-mark a portion of our sales towards charities that are close to our heart – one of them is the work of the Prince’s Trust.

We were really excited to receive the following letter from the business development manager, thanking us for our support and sharing with us this little anecdote of the type of work they do and how your contribution can make a difference. We wanted to share it with you, and maybe you’d like to get involved in some way.

We have a number of exciting social awareness programs that we’ll be embarking on this year. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with them, not to sound our own trumpet but because it’s always been a part of our focus: finding creative ways to marry business, social enterprise and the environment. It’s Karma after all; what goes around comes around! If you’d like to get involved, hear more about the work pf the prince’s trust or donate a little bit yourself, please visit princes-trust.or.uk.

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