How NOT to visual merchandise

Seriously though…

We often post examples of how to create show stopping in-store displays and merchandising visuals that draw customers in and tell a simple story. Then every so often we come across a particularly useful example of how not to do it.

It really needs no explanation, but we would like to thank the Heyford Hill branch of Sainsbury’s, and most importantly the independent newspaper for bringing it to our attention. For reasons known only to them, dressing a mannequin in ripped clothing complete with twig, was deemed the perfect back drop upon which to sell copies of 12 years a slave.

Heaven’s above! If you’re ever in doubt about how to put together a relevant in-store display, please book yourself onto one of our upcoming retail school dates, where a team of industry experts from the Metamorphosis Group will be only too happy to point you towards more appropriate display props and creative ways to merchandise them.

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