Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

Retail display and design is constantly evolving. Retailers and merchandisers alike are forever looking at how materials are used, and most importantly, how customers relate to shop interiors and shop environments from a tactile and emotional experience, and the correlating sales they create when executed well.

Each year, London’s Clerkenwell district plays host to a week of inspirational design. From exquisite artisan display tables to innovative lighting and spectacular modern furniture, this annual festival shows the best of London design. Clerkenwell Design Week celebrates its fifth year with more brands than ever before flocking to EC1 – and the event is taking place now!

And what a location to hold it. Buyers and appreciators, architects, designers, visual merchandise professionals and retailers comb streets, warehouse, church crypts and studios in this arty neighbourhood as showroom doors swing open, drinks are poured and trends are set.

In the retail display department of WBC, we aim to observe the changing habits of retail and establish the relationship between how retailers use fixtures and how customers engage with them. The design and function of a retail fixture can help to define character in a surrounding space. In a way, fixtures can be looked at like architecture in terms of how they create atmosphere from a single form.

As retailers, how we design our space –  shop fronts, shop floors, windows displays and fixtures – is an integral part of how we engage with our clients. Design reflects not only our personalities but it expresses our ethos, our brand identity and in many cases the very product portfolio itself. WBC salutes the community of Clerkenwell for continuing to inspire us with its art and design, and for fortifying a community event that has all of our mouths open in admiration. With over 60 showrooms, 200 design brands, top speakers, stunning installations, fringe activity and local eateries all taking part, I implore you to take the time to visit the Clerkenwell Design Week immediately. It’s on till the 22nd May, but get it into your diaries for next year too.

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