3 ways to boost profits during English Wine Week

English Wine Week is back again, 24th May – 1 June 2014.

National awareness weeks like these are a great opportunity for food and drinks businesses to boost sales and promote key product lines of still and English sparkling wine as well as their spin-off accessories, while at the same time supporting the UK wine industry in the process.

The UK industry is now recognised as a bonafide premium wine-producing region. We consistently win top international awards, and we can proudly account for well over 400 vineyards covering some 3,500 acres across England and Wales. English Wine Week goes a long way in helping to celebrate, educate and above all else continue to put English wine on the map. If anything it promotes it among the great British public itself, because let’s not forget, some major retailers are still not even stocking a good selection of it in the first place!

Getting involved in English wine week doesn’t have to cost the earth either. With just a little planning, a bit of creativity and some carefully chosen wine accessories, it’s easy to attract new customers and forge closer links with local vineyards and producers, as well some potentially useful publicity for your retail outlet.

Check out the English Wine Producers website and you’ll find events listings in your area. If you’re planning something a little more ambitious or holding a specific event, the website will even feature and list your event for free! They’ll help you liaise with media, furnish you with point of sale fixtures free of charge, supply maps, and help publish press releases.

But for those looking for something a little simpler, here are three ideas you can do straight away. We’ve seen ideas like these work in our local area, so we’d encourage you to pick one and try it.

    a selection of wine accessories like bottle bags‘I love wine’ shopperswooden gift boxes, bottle openers and corkscrews or wine journals by the till for an instant impulse purchase. The initial outlay is small, but returns are great. How does up to 200% mark up on a bottle bag sound?
    a few ISO wine tasting glasses or spitoons and hold in-store tastings of still and English sparkling wine. We stock all the wine accessories you need to hold your own tasting event – wine glasses, glass storage crates, even retail display X-frame tables that are perfect for setting it up. Offering customers a chance to ‘try before the buy’ is proven to increase foot fall and inspire sales of new lines.
    an in-store hotspot and pile it high with English plonk. It could be a dramatic window display or a merchandised shelf or corner of the store.  We have a host of wine related props: old-fashioned wine stands and vintage wine casks in our #propshop that can help you set the scene.

We do wish wine retailers and producers across the country the very best of luck for English Wine Week. Do visit our website for inspiration and be sure to check out listings in your area. Let’s get behind the English and Welsh wine industry today.








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