3 of our favourite wines to try for English Wine Week

It’s English Wine Week and if you’ve read our blog ‘How to boost your profits during English Wine Week’, hopefully you’ve taken us up on the challenge and getting involved in some way. But for those whose chief involvement starts and ends with supporting the wine trade through sampling some of England’s finest, here are three favourites we’ve been drinking recently. Leave a comment below and let us know yours.

1. Jenkyn Place Sparkling Wines
Managing Director Andrew, actually served this English Sparkling Wine to some New Zealand friends at the weekend and they all thought it was delicious so I give it a 5 out 5 from them.





2. Sharpham Estate
We’re a big fan of Sharpham Estate for their reds and English sparkling wine but also their delicious cheeses, both of which you can shop for online!



3.  Camel Valley and Ridgeview
Have a ready supply of these great wines near you at all times. We really are lucky in the UK to have some great producers, the English sparkling wine being particularly successful. Hope you all get behind English Wine Week.


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