Introducing Portaglas!

Portaglas – the amazing new storage & catering crate for glasses

We can almost hear you thinking – “Amazing? Really?? A glass storage box?!”

Well we could give it other adjectives like practical and efficient, before consigning it to history as just another functional box for storing things. But the truth is, if you’re in the catering, events and hospitality business, or a wine retailer offering a glass hire service, you’ll appreciate that it’s little functional boxes like this that can literally save your life. Ok not literally, but certainly and utterly metaphorically speaking, it probably could.

So we’d like to introduce you to the arguably amazing and certainly new Portaglas storage box for glassware and bottles and breakables. Here’s what’s so great about it.

A strong and lightweight, stackable glass storage box that you can purchase at wholesale trade prices in small volumes with super-fast delivery. They’re the perfect transit and storage solution for bars, hotels, caterers and glass loan companies, and the design just got better.

With WBC’s recent acquisition of UK made Portaglas, we ended up with two ranges of glass storage crates – Portaglas and Verrepack. But Portaglas is a vastly superior product – that’s why we bought it! So it’s out with the old and in with the better, and we’re confident you’re going to love the difference.

With two price points to choose from – Portaglas Premium and Portaglas Economy, the only difference is the strength – but whichever one you choose we don’t think you’ll look back.

Interchangeable solid polyprop dividers so you can vary the size and number of cells whenever you want.

Fixed cells made from a thicker material than the old Verrepack – for an economical yet lasting product.

Any cost difference?
Nope – the new and improved Portaglas economy range will sell for the same price as the old Verrepack variety.

So what’s New?

  • Better construction
  • Stronger lasting handles
  • Twice the product life of Verrepack
  • Print them with your logo and they’ll last.

Any downsides?
There’s really only upsides, but if you have bought Verrepack in the past, just remember the two products are not compatible and cannot be stacked together. Call us on 08000 85 85 95 for more information today!

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  1. Margie at 2:29 pm

    Really cool box, indeed! Very useful when organizing a barbeque evening with many guest! I love it! Regards, Storage Seven Kings Ltd.

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