Monthly Archives: April 2014

Introducing Portaglas!

Portaglas – the amazing new storage & catering crate for glasses

We can almost hear you thinking – “Amazing? Really?? A glass storage box?!”

Well we could give it other adjectives like practical and efficient, before consigning it to history as just another functional box for storing things. But the truth is, if you’re in the catering, events and hospitality business, or a wine retailer offering a glass hire service, you’ll appreciate that it’s little functional boxes like this that can literally save your life. Ok not literally, but certainly and utterly metaphorically speaking, it probably could.

So we’d like to introduce you to the arguably amazing and certainly new Portaglas storage box for glassware and bottles and breakables. Here’s what’s so great about it.

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Grow wild for National Gardening Week

It’s National Gardening Week this week!

Last year, we rounded up all the gift packaging and retail display items you could use to promote it, along with 5 simple gardening week ideas you could do in your shop to boost sales. This year we’re at it again, except that now we have a host of display props to help you set the scene for any awareness days window display or ‘hot-spot’ in store. Gerry Moss, retail developer, guides us through how he’d dress to impress green-fingered customers.

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