How important is your store window anyway?

Sales window display at sweet shop, Hope and Greenwood

Attracting shoppers to your store begins way before they even step through the front door. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then creating winning windows that work, is where the road to success begins.

As the modern pace of life increases and working hours continue to break from the traditional 9 – 5, we as consumers have become ever more demanding.  We want to eat, we want to drink and we expect to shop wherever and whenever we choose.

Now you could, like the old countryside churches, keep your doors open to the masses 24/7. But for most retailers, unless you live in the States, that’s just never going to happen. So perhaps it’s time we considered just how big of a showcase opportunity your windows display can be. May be it’s time to really learn how to use it to its maximum effect, so that your window display is working when you are not.

Without putting too fine a point on it, as a specialist in visual merchandising, I believe your store window is your biggest marketing tool you have – yet so often I see them massively under-utilised. Creating powerful window displays that grab passing customers’ attention whatever time of the day, pulls them in, compels them to buy – can no longer be an afterthought, it’s a necessity. It may need some initial financial or time investment, but if you get this platform right from the start, your life immediately becomes easier.

WBC retail props, fixtures and fitting on display in BHS

WBC’s Kingsley Riser display systems used for window dressing

Themed Windows
Seasons, calendar events and even awareness days provide a great story base to merchandise around, plus they will help you with forward planning. Not long ago we worked with luxury boutique and icing cafe ‘Bisuiteers’ a great example of a retailer creating winning windows.

Store window at Biscuiteers merchandised with a window that draws the outside in.

Biscuiteers Halloween window display

Windows 24/7
Whatever you do, remember, you want you winning window to work for you all year round, 7 days a week; through the day, and the night. Think about how your window display can inform and connect with your customer base, even when you’ve closed up shop but the streets are still busy.

Go get inspired
My biggest recommendation is to hit the street and find some ‘inspiration’. It’s everywhere! So many retailers we work with fail to ever leave their stores or head offices, other than to visit the odd exhibition or trade show, and let’s face it, shows aren’t always that inspiring. But there are visits to shops, museums, theatres, and for those who really can’t leave their shop unattended, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration. Feel free to join my pinboard or tap into WBC’s extensive collection of inspiring pics. There is so much inspiration out there, all you have to do is unglue your eyes from the phone screen and look around you.

Want to give your windows the time they really deserve?

Then join us on our next Window Dressing Masterclass at the Retail School in south east London. In one intensive day our team will teach you and your staff how to:

  • Promote your specialism
  • Grab your customer’s attention
  • Present products with authority
  • Learn window dressing ‘best practice’ techniques
  • Create drama & stand out from the crow
  • Use up and coming calendar events, such as Easter to maximize sales
  • Use props & supporting products to tell a story

Do it now, see upcoming dates, book your place and take your window design to the next level!





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