Design trends forecast Autumn/Winter 2014/15

For those who missed this year’s Spring Fair International, here is a useful guide to the colour/interior design trend forecasting for 2014 as collated by Homebuildlife, Part of the WGSN Group. Given out by the Metamorphosis Group on the Gift Box stand, these are really useful guides to take note of for in-store retail display and merchandising inspiration. You’ll notice a lot of them come into play in our own retail display collections this year.


Taking up the ethos of Neo-Geo, this trend focuses on the emergence of a new industrial age. The birth of new machines and the rehabilitation of old ones are changing future design processes, leading us into an era of industrial craft. Manufacture is in a state of flux, hovering between the digital and analogue eras. Industrial Evolution looks at this moment of transition and the design it is inspiring: open-source, variable systems, improvised forms, organic prototypes and design by intuition.

  • Softer materials are stretched over sturdy frames, resulting in an industrial organic look
  • Wire frames reference architectural models, birdcages and supermarket trolleys
  • Seriously heavy metal, rubber and other industrial materials are accompanied by finishes that are inspired by grease, soot, tar, paint and asphalt


After Hyperculture, Modern Myth explores the renewed interest in folklore and storytelling of creatives from various countries and cultures. It shows a contemporary, multi-ethnic world, filled with infinite stories. From films, video games and blogs to novels, design and art, the significance of mythological figures, patterns and motifs points towards an expanding global visual culture.

Designers can tap into these global and local stories to create richer and more relevant products. Even in a modern digital context, these tales of metaphorical creatures, cosmic creation myths and adventurous heroes still fill us with wonder.

  • Ancient materials and patterns such as fur, bamboo, metal and tartan woollens are updated in elegantly provocative ways
  • Fringes and tassels in fur, silk or even seashells create a warm, decorative, almost animalistic atmosphere
  • Glass, acrylic and resin capture and emit light in an otherworldly, mystical manner


Moving on from N.D.A., this trend looks at what is real or genuine. We live in an image-driven world, with every detail of our existence documented in photos, which are then circulated worldwide through social media and the internet. These images evolve and are manipulated through filters — enhancing, dissecting, deconstructing, distorting, interweaving, tearing apart, stripping back and layering the originals. These photo manipulations are affecting the way we think about reality, and about design, causing us to question the value of “real” and “authentic” scenarios and products. What is an image and what is an object? What is the “real” real?

  • A playful approach to geometric shapes and facets brings a new sense of space and proportion to objects and interiors. Products and places become true experiences
  • Through multi-coloured ombre patterns, complex colour is created through plays of light and material. Materials transmit and distort light and colour, to magical effect
  • Optical patterns create mesmerising illusions and stripes evolve into three-dimensional form

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