10 steps to visual retail success #SpringFair2014

76% of shoppers never speak to sales assistant – that means good visual merchandising is not just important, it’s your life-line.

Merchandising experts, the Metamorphosis Group have been giving visitors to this year’s Spring Fair 2014, a masterclass in the TOP 10 steps to visual retail success, we of course had to drop by to blog it for you. These are just the basic points and for more detail, you’ll have to book yourself onto one of their one-day training courses! click here for full Retail School dates for 2104.

P.S. I’m blogging on the run, so please excuse any syntax, grammar, or spelling errors which I’ll clean up later!

Step 1. Form a connection with me

Step 2. Keep the connection alive

Step 3. Winning windows – it’s the biggest marketing tool you have, so make sure you use it capture your customers attention. And don’t forget to rotate the window!!

Step 4. Design a store that works – i.e we naturally move to the left, we’re less likely to walk up stairs, we’re more likely to walk through an open door. Think design. 60% of products come from eye-line.

Step 5. Run Shopping v Fun Shopping – how can you pull together stories in order to build more sales. Streamline products and in-store experience so I can still shop when I’m in a rush.

Step 6. Interactive merchandising – this is a BIG trend for 2014. Let them touch. 92 % sales are derived by touch.

Step 7. Function v Value – What in your store is not selling because the customer ‘doesn’t get it’? Show them the function so that you can justify the price.

Step 8. Tell me a story – merchandise thematically and seasonally – but sell the story so that they’re inspired to buy.

Step 9. Keep things moving! Rotate product at least every 4-6 weeks

Step 10. Remember, consistency is the new King.


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