All that glitters is our golden gift packaging

The classically elegant look of Christmas is gold. Aesthetically luxurious, decadent and chic – gold transcends all ages and brings instant glamour to any present.

In our recent Gift & Hamper Packaging Autumn/Winter collection we highlighted how easy it is to put together a seasonal gift offering that uses a limited supply of gift packaging, and avoids over-stock and space issues. It’s as simple as a generic container and letting the finishing touches do all the work.  We stock a wide range of gold gift packaging and accessories: from satin ribbons and metallic shreds, to gilded wire cord and golden ballotin boxes. This season is your chance to experiment with layering textures of gold and creating dramatic retail spaces where your gifts become their own display.

There are plenty of imitations on the market, but don’t fall for fool’s gold. Choose quality and the very best workmanship, ours *we say with a wink*. Seriously though, our wicker is different from the mass produced cheaper imitations you’ll find online; and we make no apologies for it.

The unique direction we weave are baskets in, the fact we only use Autumn willow which costs more but makes it stronger, the fact that once harvested, we boil our wicker for up to 5 hours to achieve its dark golden caramel colour – instead of using nasty varnishes. All contributes to it being a top 5 best seller –fantastic product, great base colour all year round, and always a timeless classic.

Loads more to say about it but you can read all about it here

At Christmas we drink, we eat, and we’re merry. So it’s a great chance for retailers to inspire more sales of wine and food related gift accessories. From ice buckets and spittoons to tasting glasses and luxury Legnoart cheese knives, you’ll find all that and more here

Try personalising your gift box with our branding service. Minimum runs are just 50 units which makes it affordable too! Gold cartons for bottles are a huge seller this time of year and their margins are impressive. Ensure bottle bags and gift cartons are always on display; sounds simple, but if I can’t see it, I won’t buy it.

Remember even your off-cuts of ribbon and cellophane can be used to turn the smallest items into a beautiful gift.

You don’t need to be King Midas to turn everything to gold – bows and ribbons could actually bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Well, ok, slight exaggeration. But they really can add significant perceived value onto your products. If you are struggling for gift wrapping inspiration or need a little ‘how to make a hamper’ know how, check out our Youtube and Pinterest pages, or browse through our blogs for instructional videos and a community of creatives ready to inspire you.

Whether it’s an organza bag, a jute bag or a premium gift bag – it’s so easy to show customers how to create a gift simply by displaying them in a bag.

Offering corporate gifts is hassle free with WBC and the increased volumes can often mean bigger profits for you.  Many products from our range of gift packaging can be branded with your or your customer’s logo. See our branding page for more.

Happy Wrapping!

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