Halloween is spookily good for UK retail sales

It’s always been a thing Stateside – but up until recently, some of us in the UK could be accused of underestimating the importance Halloween has for annual sales.

Not anymore.

It’s big business now. It outsells both Mother’s and Father’s Day combined. It’s the third biggest retail money-spinner after Christmas and New Year. Plus it tops well over £300 million in annual UK sales. It’s not a passing craze.

The chains have been ‘milking it for some time now. Asda’s George line has its own Halloween clothing range, the 99p store note an up-surge in sales of party plates, cups and food paraphernalia, while according to Retail Week Magaizine – 60 % of Poundland’s Halloween offerings are brand new lines – with window decorations forming the biggest bulk.

For indies tempted to offer a lacklustre ‘hat tip’ or token pumpkin in the window,  referring instead to concentrate sole efforts on Christmas – take note, this could be the easiest profit generating trick AND treat, that you’re likely to get all year.

Even the smallest collection of ready-made Halloween hampers, monster scary themed gifts boxes or Halloween trays could bring you extra profits, well before the Christmas period even hits.

But it’s more than just dressing a few gifts up for Halloween – it’s about spotting potential seasonal opportunities and running with them full pelt.

Full-pelt doesn’t mean architecturally rearranging your entire space; that would just be silly. But simple things like creating a small in-store hot-spot or an eye-catching seasonal window display using props from the #Propshop can help inspire passing trade (and keep them out of Poundland in the process).

Whatever you do this Autumn season, make it count. Don’t leave Halloween to the ‘big boys’ who spot an opportunity a mile off…

Could this be the simplest Halloween gift tray idea ever?

Gift cartons for every occasion

How economical is this! Take a black fluted card tray (Ref: TRM/BK £1.95 – 25/PK) from our stock range, fill it with devilishly edible morsels. Finish off with ribbon (Ref: GRN/RE £3.83 – 20M) black gift shred (REF: VF/BK £24 – 5KG) and a heart blackboard peg (Ref: PIK/HB £0.43). Done.

What’s so good about our card gift trays?



  • Our card trays come in a space saving flat-pack for easy storage – because we know your space is a premium whatever size retailer you are.
  • Our cleverly fluted finish means not only do our card trays look wicked; they certainly won’t scuff in transit either.
  • Our gift trays fold into a robust double-walled thickness for extra strength. That means even stronger corners  that won’t end up looking like a dog’s dinner AND not a hint of glue in sight.







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