‘Gerry Loves’ helping you create excellence in your space.

You’ve heard of the #PropShop, now get ready for Gerry Loves!

From billowing bundles of galvanised buckets to eccentric and dramatic butcher’s hooks, I delve into the world of retail props and visual merchandising fixtures and fittings to bring you my pick of the bunch, the crème de la crème, and the must have’s you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Retail today is not only about selling things, it has to do with creating a unique shopping experience for your customers – so they’ll buy things. Creating displays using accent pieces enhances the visuals within your business; because we all know that the better things look, the more we’ll shop!

Using the creative pieces I’ve sourced from salvage yards, antique dealers and vintage markets should be like using spices and seasonings in your cooking: add a bunch to create the WOW factor, or a just a few to create a poignant seduction…the choice is yours!

Follow me and my latest finds on my Pinterest page. I promise you, I’ll find your business extraordinary objects with a special point of difference.


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