It’s 2013 – if you can boil an egg you can offer WiFi

Seriously. We’re in the height of recession with a struggling economy.  We’re shouting loud and proud about how shopping local is just as good as popping into your local Sainsbury’s or Starbucks. And while we’re trying just about everything but installing the kitchen sink to lure people to our local high streets, how in God’s name can it be possible that some cafes still do not offer wifi?

Surely it’s like having milk for the coffee? Or a chair to sit on. And ok, I’ve never run a cafe or deli or restaurant, bar or pub, so please do pull me up if I’m being flippant and unfair, but I’ve eaten and drunk in enough to know that it makes a difference to whether I stay put, or move on.

On this topic, we’ve decided to do some research into the best affordable wifi plans for businesses, particularly retail environments. Watch this space and we’ll post what we come up with.

Fingers crossed before long they’ll be no excuses left.

Since writing this – I’ve extended my moan to cafes that offer wifi, but with woefully inadequate signal. Still a wonderful cafe mind you!





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