Retail Display & Merchandising Collection 2013/14

You may have noticed that in addition to our annual product directory, this year we’ve produced a series of inspirational product focuses that give you a chance to see specific ranges, in-situ, in-store, all dressed up and fancy like. Our bags for life brochure is out now and next up is our retail display and merchandising feature which is also available online or in hard copy, but in case it passed you by, here are some inspirational stills from the photo-shoot.

Our Retail Display and Merchandising feature is designed to help you create stunning displays and efficient store layouts. A big thank you to photographer extraordinaire Tom Lee and to local producers @vallebona @thedessertdeli @metamorphosisgr @frankslinsSe22 @VictuallerWine. We hope you find it useful, leave a message below and let us know what you think. It’s online now and if you still haven’t received your hard copy, call us on 08000 85 85 95 and we’ll pop one in the post.

WBC has a wide range of premium wicker that doubles up as display or gift baskets

Vintage wire baskets for display

Vintage wire baskets from the #PropShop for display

Kingsley risers are perfect in cafes to display produce in our Acrylic cake domes

Our wholesale Acrylic cake stands are strong and avoid issues of glass and food contact

Vintage Sack Barrow Display with 3 Antique Crates

Point of Sale and signage equipment – all under one roof

We have a vast collection of one-off vintage antiques specifically sourced for retail display

Perfect for bakeries and farm shops, wicker keeps things au naturale!

If you or your staff could do with some training on how to maximise your retail space using some of the designs above, or you need some expert help space planning. Why not join us for one day in the Retail School we’ve made it affordable too:

  • Gain insight into today’s ‘customer’
  • Learn how to review your current store layout
  • Develop skills and knowledge to enable you to create an optimum layout plan for your store; ensuring that all store space is being fully utilized
  • Identify areas within your store that can be used to maximise sales opportunities
  • Develop an understanding of what measures can be put in place to monitor your store performance; and gauge the success of any space planning changes implemented
  • Learn how to use customer behaviours to your advantage when planning your retail space; optimising service levels, improving operational efficiency; and increasing profitability

Click here to see dates of upcoming classes.

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