New retail school helps owners get in tip top shape

Are you ready to go back to school? We are. Well fun school anyway, not the kind that teaches you skills you’re never going to use. This is Retail School, and over the year we’re bringing some of the brightest and creative minds in the retail business to our London HQ for a number of sessions ranging from window dressing to space planning and more. You’ll leave with the confidence and techniques to turn skill into profit.

It’s a retail truth, that the longer your customer spends with you, the more they buy. Yet over time, store layouts can become confusing and unfocused. Recreating a ‘comfortable’ space for customers is essential to your profit line. Now you can ensure your store is working at an optimum level and your expensive floor space is used effectively. Learn in one day how to make your space work harder for you.

Who is it for?

Independent retail businesses looking to:

• set up a new shop
• revamp an existing shop
• increase sales in store
• encourage customers to shop for longer

Whether you’re planning on opening a new shop or looking to take your existing store to the next level, the ‘Retail School’ training sessions are an essential starting point. Trained experts like the Metamorphosis Group, will host this one-day course in a fun, dynamic, intensive retail training atmosphere – surrounded by inspiring display solutions and retail props that are working for companies up and down the country. You’ll leave with the skills and knowledge needed to increase your retail sales and learn how to take a more strategic approach to laying out your shop.

We are limiting each session to just 6 places per session. Why?

Retail consultancy and advisory services can be expensive and costly. We work with many community networks, #pop up shops and local independent retailers, that struggle to afford the kinds of the consultancy fees companies charge. Retail School is the next best thing. It’s near one-on-one bespoke coaching and tailored advice from a retail expert. That’s a full day of someone getting to know your business and finding individual ways to help you remain profitable.

So when you need an expert eye, or you want to know if your store is firing on all cylinders, come get an expert opinion. Send yourself or one of your staff back to school and make absolutely certain that your shop is working efficiently and effectively AND financially at its very best.

Any questions about the course please contact Metamorphosis Retail Experts on 0845 437 9648 or email Learn about other events and courses in your area.



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