WBC bespoke gift box wins silver at Design & Packaging Awards

Hey look we won something! And it wasn’t the lottery.

It’s not everyday we win an award – probably something of an occupational hazard for a company that makes boxes for other people, you normally win the award before we do. At WBC we get to make all sorts of stuff – from designer totes to bespoke tea tins and gift boxes – for some of the world’s most recognised brands. We’re like the ghost writers of the packaging industry, which is a pretty decent trade off we reckon.

In this instance we won a silver medal at this year’s International Spirits Challenge 2013 (Design and Packaging Awards) for our bespoke single bottle gift box, produced for Mamont vodka.

Now in its 18th year, the ISC competition is widely regarded as the industry’s premier drinks competition. Promoting outstanding quality spirits from across the globe, it then stamps winners with an industry accolade for quality and excellence in the process. Genius!

With an independent judging panel and more than 1,000 entries from nearly 70 countries, Marussia Beverages’ Mamont Vodka gift box was entered into the ‘Design category’ which recognises the best in packaging design, assessing product against brief, then scoring on initial impact, originality, creativity, innovation and relevance.

With over 900 products available from stock on near to next day service, it’s sometimes easy to forget WBC has a comprehensive bespoke packaging service too. Over the last two decades our roster of clients has grown and now accounts for many of the world’s best known brands.  We have an in-house team of designers and production facilities in Europe and Hong Kong. Plus, we can manufacture in a wide variety of materials, enabling us to make bespoke solutions which cater to a wide variety of briefs and budgets.

And the best bit is we have a lot of fun in the process. Believe me, that’s not as common as you think. Although your brief is safely in the hands of a team of professionals who are seriously at the height of their game, we never take ourselves too seriously which we think helps the creative juices flow even more.

So let us know what you think of our Mamont vodka box, and next time you have a brief that requires our bespoke packaging services – call us!  A big thank you goes out to the Design Awards for the silver medallion. We’re really proud to have the drinks packaging heritage that we do. It’s where we started and where we come from, and despite diversifying in recent years into food packaging, retail display and bags for life, it is our loyal base of drinks producers and retailers that have kept us going for more than two decades now. To receive an award of recognition from our industry peers for something we made, well let’s just say we’re pretty chuffed.

For further information on bespoke services and pricing contact wbc.co.uk/bespoke or Freephone 08000 85 85 95



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