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WBC bespoke gift box wins silver at Design & Packaging Awards

Hey look we won something! And it wasn’t the lottery.

It’s not everyday we win an award – probably something of an occupational hazard for a company that makes boxes for other people, you normally win the award before we do. At WBC we get to make all sorts of stuff – from designer totes to bespoke tea tins and gift boxes – for some of the world’s most recognised brands. We’re like the ghost writers of the packaging industry, which is a pretty decent trade off we reckon.

In this instance we won a silver medal at this year’s International Spirits Challenge 2013 (Design and Packaging Awards) for our bespoke single bottle gift box, produced for Mamont vodka.

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Lessons from the Panchayat


It’s funny how a raft of very ignorant ideas and questions can be generated by a desire to help.

Do they need water? Perhaps they could use a well! What about bicycles so they’re able to travel to work. Do they need to learn english or basic math?

The fact is, none of us have any real experience of setting up something like this, we don’t know what THIS should look like, we don’t really even know what to call it other than the WBC India Project.

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New retail school helps owners get in tip top shape

Are you ready to go back to school? We are. Well fun school anyway, not the kind that teaches you skills you’re never going to use. This is Retail School, and over the year we’re bringing some of the brightest and creative minds in the retail business to our London HQ for a number of sessions ranging from window dressing to space planning and more. You’ll leave with the confidence and techniques to turn skill into profit.

It’s a retail truth, that the longer your customer spends with you, the more they buy. Yet over time, store layouts can become confusing and unfocused. Recreating a ‘comfortable’ space for customers is essential to your profit line. Now you can ensure your store is working at an optimum level and your expensive floor space is used effectively. Learn in one day how to make your space work harder for you.

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White Dove & Wonder: Reclaimed and Remade

The inspiration and creativity of our customers keeps us going; probably as much as their playful irreverence on the end of the phone, keeps us entertained through the day.

White Dove and Wonder has always managed both at the same time. They have charisma in buckets and most of our conversations over the phone should probably come with a 15 certificate for language abuse. They have a beautiful product that has seen them in and out of Vogue and GQ more times than a Victoria Beckham skirt. A husband and wife team based in Greenwich, it is companies like White Dove and Wonder, where time is always a precious commodity, that require WBC as suppliers to be responsive and flexible; adapting quickly to the needs of their particular business. It’s something we’re always happy to do for our customers.

We asked them to give us a ten minute insight into what they do and why they do it.

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