Display stands in action at Harrogate Speciality Food

This year’s Harrogate Speciality Food Show took place just a few days ago and once again more than 150 exhibitors from across the UK and further afield displayed their wares and discussed current industry hot topics in forums and demos throughout the day. The estranged mini-sister to the big brother Olympia show, Harrogate has always been a great supporter of new producers, with a high percentage of exhibitors doing so for the first time. Sure you find veterans, but it’s become a great stepping stone for smaller producers making the transition from farmer’s market to pitching for permanent placement on high street shelves. We dropped by to take a look.

In our ongoing support for the Guild of Fine Food we were privileged to supply the show’s tote carrier ‘bags for life’ as well all the retail display shelving and merchandise equipment. Harrogate would not be the same without a good dose of ‘Feed the dragon’ a sort of mock pastiche of its telly counterpart, where food producers are invited to pitch their products to key buyers from delis and food halls. It’s always a good laugh with the just the right balance of awkward moments; typified in the poor soul who had to contend with a panelist enquiring “whose decision was it to put your jam on these hideous crackers? They entirely detract from the flavour.” Ouch!

The star of the show, biased as we are, had to be our beautiful Kingsley X Frames that took prime position on the dragon stage. We could see them being dressed and re-dressed to suit various uses throughout the day; a good reminder of just how versatile they are for exhibitions and trade show design.

On entering the show first thing you spot if WBC’s Wilbur giant displaying a selection of artisan products

Our brand new retail display and bags for life brochure made an appearance. Have you got yours yet?

The Wilbur Giant stand is impressive as it is versatile. It’s on wheels, so you can take it here and take it there.

Bobby hangs out with the girls on the Granny Marmalade stand

Nib Nibs cheddar sticks were the bomb!

The Dip Society buy 12″ wicker hampers from us. We love their design and ethos. Heathy food in pots!

Gifting doesn’t have to be a complex process. Here WBC’s brown bags are brought to life with a simply ribbon

You can only just see it but our hessian display cloths made several appearances at the show

James hangs out with Guppy’s Chocolate – great chocolate, even nicer people! That’s a cocoa pod in his right hand!

James drops by for a chat with Brew Tea Co

We loved their design and packaging and hope to use it in our upcoming gift packaging brochure

WBC’s Kingsley X frames being used for a series of expert talks by master chefs!

Kingsley X frames in prime position

Wonder if the dragons knew they were tasting off of tables made from reclaimed Brixton floor boards?

Remember, if you’re a member of the Guild of Fine Food, you get 5% off our trade prices on our gift packaging and display etc. It’s not an automatic process so be sure to let us know you’re a member when you place your order. Keep an eye out for updates on our exhibition at Olympia coming soon!


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