Smart Turnout for the retail #PropShop

Smart Turnout clothing is like a slice of British heaven. For men.

Because let’s face it, we hardly ever get the nice stuff. Our department is always on the ground floor, or top floor, or any other floor they can fit us in. And when they do, our ‘collection’ is a fraction the size of our opposite sex’s – like we only need 3 colours of socks to fulfill us! It’s almost like we don’t even exist sometimes *fleeting glance over the shoulder tells me it’s safe to continue*

So when we came across Smart Turnout, who recently delved into our online #PropShop for a bunch of vintage merchandising props for their photo shoot, we were relieved to find them essentially redressing the balance. This is an online emporium of British style at its best. Iconic pieces; big bold and vibrant colours, classic patterns and exacting design.

Billed online as ‘the collection that provides everything the modern man requires’: bows, bags, belts, braces, jackets, suits and watches. Who knew such simple basics were the proper way to a man’s heart? Think military and collegiate colours from the Infantry, Marines and Navy, or ties from Eton, Harrow and Winchester.

We think Smart Turnout are a fantastic example of how our one of a kind vintage retail props for window displays, photo shoots, theatre and visual merchandising, can compliment your product and help you dress your best. And Smart Turnout is all about looking your best. Which, as they’d say,”needn’t be a military operation”.

Vintage display props for merchandising

Who’d have thought of using jars and milk bottles for display? Pretty smart eh!

Vintage display props for merchandising

In the #PropShop you’ll find antique stools and ladders; all the latest design trends for merchandising

Wire racking, wire baskets, vintage metal crates – all great for clothing displays as well as groceries

So browse inside our retail #PropShop or view our very British Kingsley Range of retail display shelving made here in Brixton, and remember, send us your pictures of how you’re using props to create eye catching display.
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