50 shades of Brixton Market

Brixton market is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, but being a relatively new arrival to London, I hadn’t yet had the chance. Appalling I know! So when the opportunity came by in the form of an invitation to the recent launch of #foodhub at the Brixton Market Food Corner, my belly and I jumped at the chance.

As a supporter of local retailers and a supplier of market stall equipment, WBC were kindly invited by Camila, the marketing coordinator for Brixton Market, to have a look around the new corner, and meet the market traders before the madness of the lunchtime rush began. Food and me? Well let’s just say it wasn’t a difficult invite to RSVP to. With grins the size of Cheshire cats, we made our way down to the market only to be greeted with the most amazing smells imaginable.

Brixton Market Food Corner

First impressions still last. Rhythmic drums playing softly in the background as traders heated up their ovens. Finishing touches were made to a smorgasbord of culinary delights. I simply got lost in the moment – transported away to some exotic land.

Brixton Market is renowned for offering an endless variety of street food, and we were keen to make the most of what the Food Corner had to offer. Taking a walk round the stalls, we explored Brixton’s diversity before deciding what we fancied for lunch. Replenishing our thirst with a fresh coconut from the local sellers from Guadeloupe, we were masterfully tutored in the best ways of devouring the coconut meat left inside. The sellers happily chatted away to friends while whipping up their famous chicken wings. The friendliness of every single person there, truly heart-warming.

We were finally tempted by Woodbox who offered us their sourdough salami pizza, cooked on-site in a wood fired oven. We followed that up with a salt-fish Jamaican bokit for me, and a seafood paella for Tom. The rest of the WBC team, were delighted to receive a large number of brownies by Raffo & Ridgeway back at the office and get to taste some fascinating sugar cane, cut by Toussaint from Blue Mount Jam. All in all, a more than successful lunchtime outing.

From the back of a re-stored vintage Citroen van, comes Woodbox street food pizza

All the colours of the rainbow

WBC’s client developer, Tom gets ready to tuck in

At WBC, we have grown our roots here in Brixton and always been keen supporters of independent retailers in our local community. It was genuinely refreshing to see the creativity and passion that Brixton market retailers have for their produce and the people that consume it; certainly something my tummy and I will never forget.

Despite the huge variety of different foods from all around the continents, the market is the perfect combination of Brixton and an example of a true community. So the next time you’re pondering on what to get for lunch, make your way down to Brixton Market. I can assure you, you won’t leave hungry or disappointed.

Keep an eye on the Brixton Market events page for up to date listings

The stalls we visited and highly recommend are:

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