Monthly Archives: June 2013

WBC visits Plunkett’s Community Enterprise Awards

James and Maria had a great day visiting the Plunkett’s Community Enterprise Networking and Training Event and AGM at the beautiful Bicester Hotel (Lovely Golf and Spa) in Chesterton. It was inspiring to meet so many community members and hear about the hard work and unique issues that local community shops face today – here’s Maria’s round-up of the days events.

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Display stands in action at Harrogate Speciality Food

This year’s Harrogate Speciality Food Show took place just a few days ago and once again more than 150 exhibitors from across the UK and further afield displayed their wares and discussed current industry hot topics in forums and demos throughout the day. The estranged mini-sister to the big brother Olympia show, Harrogate has always been a great supporter of new producers, with a high percentage of exhibitors doing so for the first time. Sure you find veterans, but it’s become a great stepping stone for smaller producers making the transition from farmer’s market to pitching for permanent placement on high street shelves. We dropped by to take a look.

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50 shades of Brixton Market

Brixton market is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit, but being a relatively new arrival to London, I hadn’t yet had the chance. Appalling I know! So when the opportunity came by in the form of an invitation to the recent launch of #foodhub at the Brixton Market Food Corner, my belly and I jumped at the chance.

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Smart Turnout for the retail #PropShop

Smart Turnout clothing is like a slice of British heaven. For men.

Because let’s face it, we hardly ever get the nice stuff. Our department is always on the ground floor, or top floor, or any other floor they can fit us in. And when they do, our ‘collection’ is a fraction the size of our opposite sex’s – like we only need 3 colours of socks to fulfill us! It’s almost like we don’t even exist sometimes *fleeting glance over the shoulder tells me it’s safe to continue*

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