New bags for life mini-site now live and online

We’re really excited to announce our new ‘Bags for life’ mini-site has had a facelift. We opted for crisp, fresh and younger looking design in the vain hopes it might rub off on us! We hope you like it. Check-in online at for a master-class in how to choose the best eco-friendly jute, juco and cotton bag options on the market.

It’s really a simple process. You choose how many bags you need and how quickly you need them, and we give you the bag service that best suits your needs.

We’ve been working with some of the UK’s best known brands this year already, But what’s really getting us excited is some of the bags for life designs we’ve been printing for fantastic local initiative like ‘We love Brixton’, local arts group ‘Makerhood’, Cambridge Business Lounge’s Destination High St, even Red Nose Day, to name just a few. We’re no longer surprised by who buys our bags. Museums, charities, stately homes, libraries, food and drink retailers, events and conference marketing, farms shops, delis and even a few wayward banks – for which I’m sure we’ll get our comeuppance.

With the new bags for life mini-site you can view our online gallery for inspiration on some of the most effective designs for proven results. Browse our most popular favourites, order samples, and upload your own designs with our bag builder.


Download, save, forward and print off or staple to your desk our infographic that shows you ‘How to choose the right ‘bags for life’ service for your business’ Follow us on twitter @bagsforlife or see what everyone else printing on our WBC Pinterest board.
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