Bags for life, Bags for Bowie

I was just a little bit excited to find out we were producing the exclusive cotton tote shopper for the sold out David Bowie exhibition at the V & A in London. I confess I’ll never be the world’s biggest super-fan (I wasn’t even born until his 13th studio album) but the exhibition along with the arrival of his much anticipated re-emergence onto the world stage, is practically all my friends have been talking about. The bag has been wildly successful, selling out in 48 hours with thousands more being sold since. But what many of our smaller sized indie customers don’t often realise, is that making your own bag just like this – your design, your colours, your size, all the bells and whistles –  is perfectly affordable. Read just how economical our India Economy bags for life service actually is.

Like him or loathe him, Bowie is certainly one of the most interesting, fascinating and influential artists of the 20th century. In Brixton where WBC is based, he even features on the front of our local Pound notes! Yes, we have our very own currency in these here parts. WBC accept Brixton Pounds should you ever tire of stirling….

But now I’ve seen the bag up close and personal, I can’t quite figure out if I’m more excited that we’ve had some, albeit ‘eencie-wincie’ involvement in celebrating the life of a cultural icon; or the fact it surfaced in Vogue magazine just the other day (tres fabulous); or the fact it has got people talking about our bags on local community blogs like that of Makerhood

…OR just the simple fact that the bag itself is so very, very, cool; especially the colour.

What do you think? Basically, you want one don’t you? I do, so do all my mates. They sold out in record time, and if you want one you’ll have to get yourself down to the exhibition or jump online here and pray to the bag gods that they have some left in stock. Or, you could just make your own profit generating bags for your business.

Many of our small to medium sized business customers automatically assume that fantastic tote bags like the Bowie bag – in unique colours and classy print – are way out of their price range. But while it’s true that minimum quantities start at 500 units and you’ll have to stretch your lead times, the the fact is when you order bags like the Bowie bag from our India service, you save up to 25% on our standard UK service. And before you think, “I could never store that many at once”, order more than 2000 bags for life using our Stock & Drop Service and we’ll hold your bags in stock for call-off as and when you need them. Simple. And way cheaper.

So take another look at that Bowie bag flying off the shelves, and remember, the next time you’re looking to print your own really hot bespoke bags for life, your design choices are pretty much endless – colour, print, copy – it’s all important, and it can separate an average tote bag from one that everyone wants to carry.

As a wholesale supplier of printed jute bags, reusable cotton bags for life, and juco shopping bags, it’s even easier to make your mark. Call us on 08000 85 85 95 or email


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