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Bags for life, Bags for Bowie

I was just a little bit excited to find out we were producing the exclusive cotton tote shopper for the sold out David Bowie exhibition at the V & A in London. I confess I’ll never be the world’s biggest super-fan (I wasn’t even born until his 13th studio album) but the exhibition along with the arrival of his much anticipated re-emergence onto the world stage, is practically all my friends have been talking about. The bag has been wildly successful, selling out in 48 hours with thousands more being sold since. But what many of our smaller sized indie customers don’t often realise, is that making your own bag just like this – your design, your colours, your size, all the bells and whistles –  is perfectly affordable. Read just how economical our India Economy bags for life service actually is.

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Increase sales during English Wine Week 25th May – 2nd June

There are quite a number of National food and drink awareness days throughout May/June – great opportunities to promote product lines, sell a little extra, and support UK producers in the process – so long as you’re aware of them in the first place.

English Wine Week is just days away, and over the week vineyards and outlets across the country will be highlighting the English wines they offer, and in many cases, give customers an opportunity to taste test and get to know their English wines a bit better.

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Special report: Tragic collapse of Bangladesh factory raises tough questions for retailers

Hopefully like me, you can’t help but have been horrified by the tragedy that’s still unfolding in Bangladesh these past days. It calls into question how we in the west do business. It puts western practices into perspective and puts everyone’s ‘fair trade’ policies under scrutiny. And that’s a good thing. I read a recent article in Retail Week magazine that discusses this very topic and I felt it was appropriate to reassure our customers of the way we do things at WBC. Thankfully it’s very different from a lot of what goes on in the world today.

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Big brands that don’t ‘pay’ fair & small businesses who pay the price

I’ve been noticing a fair amount of coverage recently about large retail companies attempting to extend (or altogether change) the credit terms with their suppliers. They essentially demand or impose, in some cases with no notification, significant discounts – sometimes up to 5% on invoices, just for paying them on time.

There are endless articles about it, so I don’t wish to add to them, but as it adversely affects many small businesses we work with, ourselves included, I just wanted to make two points which seem to be missed by most commentators.

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