YouTube Series: Inside our jute #bagsforlife making factory

WBC Directors Andrew Wilson and Tim Wilkinson, have recently visited our #bagsforlife factories over in sunny Kolkata. So we wanted to remind you that our Youtube channel now features a series of short videos captured by them, which give fresh insight into the bags for life making process. While not quite David Attenborough, we do think you’ll find Tim’s voiceover not only exceedingly enticing, but perfectly describes the inner workings of factory life in India. It’s a unique perspective into the care and craftsmanship that goes into creating your perfect bags for life.

We know we bang on about it, but printed bags for life really are a no-brainer for business. Not only do they help stem the flow of a staggering 8 BILLION single-use plastic bags handed out in UK supermarkets each year, but they’re ethically made from natural fibres cultivated from sustainable cash crops too. AND most importantly for many, they’re an incredibly affordable way of promoting your business, making a profit, and helping the planet at the same time.

Visit our new bags for life mini-site and follow us @bagsforlife for competitions, special offers and latest trends including the rise of the fashion tote. Here are the first two videos you may have missed:


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