WBC supports – Destination: High Street

WBC is supporting a series of upcoming workshops hosted by the Cambridge Business Forum, Destination: High Street on the 20th May.

The workshops include discussions on current industry hot topics such as how local retailers can use social media to increase footfall and sales, space planning, negotiating with suppliers, and exploring retail trends. All good stuff, and stuff we at WBC are pleased to get behind. Not only is our very own Vhari Russell (Food Marketing Expert) involved, but this is an initiative brings together local people, local businesses and local issues. It will impart a bunch of practical knowledge; the retail weapons and new technologies that will keep our high street alive. Safety in numbers guys!

So if you’re in Cambridge (or near abouts), don’t hang about – click below for more information.

Dubbed a ‘clone town’ in 2010 by think tank New Economics Foundation, Cambridge has voraciously fought back and now lays claim to a burgeoning and vibrant ‘indie’ scene.

At the start of 2013, a study revealed the city has the lowest proportion of empty shops in Britain and that only six per cent of shops were unoccupied. Recent locally produced directory Independent Cambridge also showcases the volume and diversity of high street businesses in the city.

Recognising this peak in independent shopkeepers, Ed Goodman and Nicky Smerdon, owners of Cambridge Business Lounge which itself inhabits a High Street location, and Vhari Russell, owner of Food Marketing Expert, have curated a day of workshops and discussions intended to offer support and guidance for local shop owners.

The event takes place on Monday 20 May at Cambridge Business Lounge, 52 Burleigh Street, Cambridge with workshops running throughout the day between 9am and 5.30pm. Each workshop is priced at £25, or £95 for the whole day. Prices include VAT and light refreshments will be provided.

To read more about the contributors and what the workshops consist, or to book your place call 01223 324 040

Cambridge Business Lounge is a support hub in the heart of Cambridge, where ideas and businesses can grow through networking, collaboration and support. We offer Coworking Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Business Skills Events and Virtual Office Solutions. Visit cambridgebusinesslounge.com to get involved.

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