Northern Ireland says “Bring your own bag or pay up!”

In the run up to the new plastic bag levy in Northern Ireland which comes into effect this week, we were genuinely surprised to read in the Irish Times, that 250 MILLION single use plastic bags are used in Northern Ireland every year. To put that into a slightly more obscene context, that’s about 140 plastic carrier bags per person – every man, woman and child, EVERY single year.

That’s a lot of plastic. How is it possible anyone could ever need that many bags?

Well, before the rest of us get a little too smug for our own boots, rest assured the case is a whole lot worse for the rest of the United Kingdom . But with the impending bag levy, it will be Northern Ireland’s turn to stick two fingers up at un-environmentally friendly plastic.

So how will it affect your business? Will you continue to offer plastic with a minimum 5p price tag, or will you, like many other smarty-pants businesses out there, turn what could be seen as an annoyance, into a profitable opportunity to increase sales and encourage customers to act a little greener.

Perhaps it’s time you started selling your own shopping bags made from sustainable jute, cotton or canvas, printed with your own company logo or message. Give them away to regulars, or sell them at the till. It really is a piece of cake with WBC bags for life. Have a read of our blog how to choose the right bags for life for your business where you’ll find an option to suit every need and budget so that you can:

  • Promote your business
  • Make a profit
  • Help the environment

Because why give out hundreds of bags for free, when you can sell one bag for life? Visit us at today and you could have a stash of profit generating eco-friendly bags in as little as 7 days.


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