Grow wild for National Gardening Week 15 – 21 April 2013

It has felt like summer may never actually come. But if you look out your window and squint your eyes really tight, you’ll see firm evidence that at least spring may finally be on its way. It has to be.

Regardless, National Gardening Week isn’t going to wait. It’s just one of a list of national awareness days that can serve as great ways (or legitimate excuses) to capture your customers imagination; and it’s not too late to get involved. We’ve put together a simple collection of green-fingered gift packaging ideas like wicker garden trugs and forest green jute bags. With just the smallest amount of imagination, and minimal time, use this year’s Gardening week to promote sales + increase impulse purchases.

5 Simple Gardening week ideas

1. Build an in-store display with a gardening theme. Combine wooden potato trays, fruit crates and wire baskets to display jars of British seasonally grown produce like jams and honeys.

2. Merchandise your ‘hot-spot’ in greens and browns using natural fibres like jute table cloths and potato sacks from the #PropShop for a back to nature feel.

3. Create ready made hampers that celebrate spring and summer. Hampers don’t always have to be in trays and wicker baskets, you can use a variety of trugs, or fruit crates like the hamper above designed by gift-wrapping expert Arona Khan fill it with gardening essentials.

4. Small jute bags are perfect for storing packets of seeds by the till. Children love to grow things, so make a few little seed gift bags up and place them by the till with point of sale signage that show kids what they’ll grow into.

5. Make sure you have a supply of impulse purchases at the till especially if you’re a garden centre. Offering pre-printed bags for life like these ‘I love my 5 a day’ jute totes, or the Legnoart Foldable Stainless Steel BBQ Sets and Moleskin Gardening Journals are a great way of inspiring a few extra sales.

Whatever you do, visit the Gardening Week gift packaging collection today, and get ready to encourage the nation to keep Britain beautiful.

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