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online personalised has been a loyal customer of WBC for more than seven years. They’re a UK based online retailer of personalised gifts and engraved gifts, and include a wide selection of wine and champagne gift ideas for sale. We asked them to tell us a little about the new innovations in their product range and to share with us their top tips, particularly for online gift retailers who want to make a big impact on what has become a lucrative and competitive market.

After extensive research into the online gift market over the years, we’ve come to the conclusion that online gift shoppers in the 21st Century are searching for anything unique and certainly something personal; unusual gifts their friends, family and colleagues have not seen before. Our aim over the years has been to develop innovative personalised gifts that ultimately fulfil this need.

One of GiftsOnline4U’s most recent developments has been the creation of a collection of personalised alcohol gifts with engravable pewter labels. 75cl bottles of wine, champagne, vodka, whisky, Sambuca and port that have an exclusive label design on the front, made solely from pewter. The pewter labels can be engraved with a personal message for any gift giving occasion you can imagine. Prices range from £34.99 for personalised wine, through to £74.99 for personalised Grand Cru Champagne. Once a customer chooses their alcohol, they’re able to preview a mock-up of how their engraved message will look on the pewter label of their chosen alcohol bottle. Customers really appreciate being able to ‘see before they buy’. View some of the most popular Champagne gifts with pewter labels online at GiftsOnline4U.

As the alcohol bottles are meant as personalised gifts, we offer bottle bags and gift boxes which can be purchased as an added extra once personalisation’s complete. We’ve found that since many of these personalised alcohol gifts are a premium gift option, customers tend to choose gift boxes that complement that luxury such as WBC’s elm wood gift box, or a personalised pine-wood gift box that we laser engrave for an extra personal touch. Offering options that appeal to both men and women is important, so we always ensure we have a range of bottle bags in stock to suit both.’s 4 tips for online retailers:

With the increased competition online, selling on the internet can be tough, particularly in the personalised gifts market place. Here are a few GiftsOnline4U tips we find help us achieve consistency and a competitive edge.

  1. Don’t just offer a service, offer a great service – sounds simple, but if your service goes beyond their expectations, customers will recommend you and keep coming back for more.
  2. Be responsive – if customers have a question or query via email, social media or a customer contact form, answer them with urgency. Besides it being polite, it emphasises the level of care, appreciation and attention to detail they can expect from you.
  3. Offer innovative ideas – don’t do what everyone else does. Think outside the box and provide products and services that stand out. Something as simple as a personalised gift wrapping service go a long way in achieving this.
  4. Offer special offers – we’re in a recession and the bargain hunters are out in full force and to be honest, they deserve it. Reward your customers for being loyal to you and offer incentives to get new people on-board.

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  1. David Brown at 10:15 am

    Didn’t know there was a national food and drink awareness event going on! I eat so many retro sweets, I should pull my socks up and start to be healthier. This might help!

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