WBC’s exclusive ‘red nose day’ bag for Comic relief

Tomorrow is Red nose day. Once again the country will don comical protruding clown paraphernalia and raise money for the work that is transforming the lives of countless young people in the UK and Africa.

At WBC, we’re proud to have sponsored Comic Relief by producing a special one-off cotton shopper, printed with the red nose logo. The Comic Relief totes will act as goodie bags given away to an A-list crowd of celebrities at an exclusive benefit showing of ‘The Book of Morman’ taking place in the West End tomorrow night.

So keep an eye out on telly or in your favourite tabloid glad rag; especially if you happen to spot Hugh Grant or Colin Firth rocking one of our shoppers – we’re told they will be! Snap it up like a Bieber crazed paparazzi and send any pictures you spot of them in to us. We’d love to see them in action.

More importantly though, there is still time to get involved. In the UK, your giving helps shelter young people living on the streets and give protection to those living with domestic abuse. In Africa, your money saves thousands from malaria and provides whole communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines. So do check out the many events being held across the country. And of course, if you really can’t handle sitting down to an evening of Britain’s finest comedy, or wearing a silly nose – you can always donate a little something here instead.


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