Pop up Meet up #6

Despite our good intentions, we failed to make it down to #PUMU last night. The forum and networking event for start-ups and all those championing them in the Capital, is organised by the guys @wearepopup.

Last night they brought together some of the big wig experts in the world of dining, to impart their knowledge and experience to those interested in one day taking the plunge. Despite our tardiness, such is the instant power of social media, already some superb blogs are surfacing which account for who said what and how that what, inspired them. Like the effervescence collectives’ blog for example; it basically leaves anyone interested in local food and local enterprise, just that little bit green with envy. And that’s not just because of the copious amounts of wine they consumed.

Here are a few quotes from last night that stand out in regards to pop ups in 2013:

“I’d argue that for my generation, the time for ‘things’ has past; our riches are captured in the experiences we have, not just in the things we own, but in the manner in which we present ourselves to the world.” Effervescence Collective

“It’s called the hospitality industry, because the people in it are hospitable. Talk to them” @martinceviche

“What “pop-up” is is entrepreneurial activity; it’s a start up requiring a more affordable level of capital.” Philip Dundas @pipsdish

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