Franklins Farm Shop redressed & revamped

Nestled within the heart of a busy south east London suburb, Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Best Ethical Restaurant’ runner up, Franklin’s Restaurant, has grown a reputation for ethically sourced foods and fine gastro dining. WBC and Metamorphosis visited the farm shop and implemented a program of practical changes to the store‘s layout, demonstrating to Franklins’ owners that with next to no budget but a clearer understanding of the way consumers shop, they could in fact increase the average transaction value and footfall.

Using absolutely no budget, a complete reorganisation of the store layout was carried out, creating an environment designed to guide customers around the store logically in accordance with like for like product merchandising and sales of popular items. Ultimately this reorganisation allowed even a first time visitor to clearly see every product on offer and ensured the whole retail space was used to maximum effect. All this was achieved without in any way impinging on the essence and personality of either the store or its owner.

To start the process, an initial consultation was conducted whereby Metamorphosis were able to review the current business, from a customer perspective, and meet the owner to gain a firm understanding of the businesses culture and style.

Two new store layouts were proposed. One involved ‘no cost’, the other recommendations would require some investment and certainly a longer term vision. A two day hands on merchandising session then took place assisting the team in restructuring the shop floor and finding short term solutions that would enable them to achieve the desired layout without any investment.

Whilst the restructure took place, the products were also positioned more commercially and ticketing and signage standards were improved including the use of a new blackboard system from WBC.


  • Increase in sales
    Franklins saw an impressive 24% increase in yr/yr sales.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and feedback
    The team noticed that customers were able to navigate around the store with ease, staying for longer periods of time.
  • Customer service improved
    The team felt they were able to serve quicker.
  • Operational efficiency improved
    Shelf fill is now a million times easier to implement

Simply organising bottles into like for like producers immediately brought order and a sense of cohesion

Using cake stands and shelving ensures key product lines are within customer eye-line

Labelling with blackboard signs, allows you to offer more information like the providence of your produce.

Reorganising store layout to include hot-zones moves customers around the store logically

Wicker baskets and trays for display always creates a farm shops sense home and organic

Displaying local community information creates a hub that increases footfall

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