I love reusable shopping bags! New designs for 2013

Wholesale jute bags Stock bags Jute shoppers Wholesale bags for lifeIf you love sausages, cheese, or wine, or even your 5-a-day, then hopefully you’ll love these new eco-friendly reusable shopping bags for 2013; well, at least almost just as much.

Bags for life are a staple in pretty much every store you go into, but the quality varies and there’s a ton of nasty ‘cheap-o’ throw away jute bags on the market, especially some of the reusable shopping bags sold in the big supermarkets. We’ve designed a range of eco-friendly jute bags that will hopefully stand out from the crowd and earn you some extra profit with minimal outlay. Jute bags with ‘I love tarts’ written across them? They’re bound to fly off the shelves! 5 styles, 5 designs and 5 bags, including one with internal dividers that fit 6 bottles of wine or Champagne, all available from stock on a next day service.

Designed in-house, this particular range of reusable shopping bags are specifically designed for you to sell rather than given away. In fact they even come with a handy swing tag and barcode in place so that all you need to do is find a prime spot in your store to hang them. Our suggested selling price? Try anything between £4.95 and £5.95 which at trade prices that start at just £1.99, well you do the math, it makes excellent profit margins.

As with all our jute bags, the inks and dyes are AZO free, the lining bio-degradable and the jute itself is a sustainable material. And to make it even better WBC is happy to support a number of initiatives including the Prince’s Trust who helped us when we were starting up, and the WBC Foundation India which directly supports the communities that make most of the bags in our range.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we do! We love to hear your feedback, so if you have 2 minutes, leave us a comment below. Or if you want to make your own reusable shopping bags, jump onto our build-a-bag page and start designing today.

Eco friendly jute bags Wholesale shoppersEco friendly jute bag and wholesale bags for lifeEco friendly jute bag and wholesale bags for lifeEco friendly jute bags Wholesale shoppersEco friendly jute bag and wholesale bags for life

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