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Back to school: Andrew visits Brindisa for a lesson in Spanish ham

As a ham lover, I was delighted to receive a whole leg of Spanish Serrano Monroyo Ham for my birthday back in November. The ham was supplied by Spanish food retailer Brindisa and came in a huge box together with a wooden cradle to hold it steady whilst being carved. Most importantly it came with a fantastic knife, which of course put my selection of knives to shame!

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Retail shelving & display

Retail shelving & display fixtures born & bred in Brixton

Merchandising, shop fittings, retail display, display cabinets

Something slightly different is happening when it comes to the new Kingsley Range of retail shelving, shop fittings and merchandising stands. A lot different as it happens. Without putting too fine a point on it, a lot of the generic retail shelving we see up and down the high street has about as much charisma as an aeroplane salad. It’s all function over style, and it’s not even particularly cheap. But what if you could have modular shop fittings that are both stylish and functional? With the new Kinglsey range of retail display fixtures and fittings you’re purchasing signature pieces of hand-crafted furniture that you’re just as likely to want in your own home as much as your store. You could even sell them as product, safe in the knowledge you can always buy another piece from stock.

The Kingsley range of visual merchandising units are made from reclaimed floor boards, industrial metal and antique finished wood – all of which from a design perspective, is not just currently on trend, but is right up our street. Literally! Because they’re made in our back yard; each and every unit, right here in Brixton, London, England, UK. We stress the point because we have a thing about pretty much anything locally produced. It’s not always possible, but when it is; shout about it loudly we say. The merchandising range is mobile and modular, so you can create your own unique retail shelving combinations to fit your own unique spaces. And it’s a labour of love; retail furniture hand-crafted by artisan furniture makers instead of rushed off an assembly line. So, without further ado, here is The Kingsley and the Kingsley X range – available now from stock.

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I love reusable shopping bags! New designs for 2013

Wholesale jute bags Stock bags Jute shoppers Wholesale bags for lifeIf you love sausages, cheese, or wine, or even your 5-a-day, then hopefully you’ll love these new eco-friendly reusable shopping bags for 2013; well, at least almost just as much.

Bags for life are a staple in pretty much every store you go into, but the quality varies and there’s a ton of nasty ‘cheap-o’ throw away jute bags on the market, especially some of the reusable shopping bags sold in the big supermarkets. We’ve designed a range of eco-friendly jute bags that will hopefully stand out from the crowd and earn you some extra profit with minimal outlay. Jute bags with ‘I love tarts’ written across them? They’re bound to fly off the shelves! 5 styles, 5 designs and 5 bags, including one with internal dividers that fit 6 bottles of wine or Champagne, all available from stock on a next day service.

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