Visual merchandising experts reveal their top tips

Retail display concepts for pop up shops and independent retailersWhen it comes to visual merchandising and retail display, a New Year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your successes and an obvious time to evaluate where improvements can be made. We believe that each and every New Year brings with it a fresh start and room to plan, re-think and strategise. The following five ‘must dos’ highlight key areas that will ensure you’re set up for a successful 2013.

1. Organise

Actively organising your retail space to create a strong visual environment that encourages customers to shop for longer – your likelihood of sales will increase. Don’t be afraid to change your floor layout if it’s not working. Improving store layout makes a big difference to your customers experience and expenditure.


Top tip: Review space versus sales. What opportunities do you have to increase sales potential?

2. Prioritise

Sounds simple, but it’s very important that you assess what products sell well and which ones do not. Through clever product placement you can deliberately push products by highlighting promotions, and pull consumers toward the ‘must haves’.  So instead of hiding them, highlight your worst sellers by moving them to highly visible areas, or create a hot-spot, and ensure they’re dust free and presented with authority.

Top tip: Concentrate on pushing your worst sellers; move them off bottom shelves and out of the stock room. Products need to be seen to be bought!

3. Streamline

In 2013 consumers will be looking for a simplified shopping experience. Strong visual merchandising principles will ensure a sound logic that guides and enables your customers to meet their needs.

Use ‘zoning’ to group products into families and position them adjacent to complimentary products. That way you create a stream-lined shopping environment that also encourages linked sales.

Top tip: Streamline your customers experience in order to meet their current expectations.

4. Set your team up for success

2012 saw a decline in businesses training their staff. 2013 needs to see training and development being re-established as a high priority in the pursuit for retail excellence and competitive advantage. A well-trained team that knows their roles and responsibilities and are focused with specific, measurable targets will provide the best possible service to your customers. This will reinforce positive brand associations and inspire return custom.

Top tip: Share your passion and set strategic goals for your team to achieve.

5. Plan

‘Failure to plan is planning to fail’. Did you know it is generally recommended you change your window at least four times a year? Change with the seasons to maintain interest and attract attention through seasonally relevant displays. Using a seasonal planner enables you to achieve the most impacting visuals so you can sourcing retail display stands, materials and retail props in advance.

Top tip: Use a seasonal calendar to plan your window displays in advance

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