Are you a food producer interested in more press coverage?

The Food Marketing expert, Vhari Russell, is currently reviewing food and drinks products for regular features in the Cambridgeshire journal. She is calling on all producers operating in the East Anglia region to get in touch with their product details and samples etc so she can taste-test and write it up for the press. We work with Vhari and she has a fantastic reputation in the fine food industry. She’s also a great source of inspiration for small businesses, plus she gets write-ups pretty much EVERYWHERE else too; we can highly recommend her as a great person to be in touch with. So if you could do with some extra love in the press, go on, it’s free, and you know what they say about free publicity….! *racks brain for the correct answer* Get in touch with the food marketing expert today, or contact us and we’ll happily bridge the gap. Here’s a letter from the expert herself:

Good afternoon,

I am writing regular features for the Cambridgeshire Journal in which I am reviewing products from East Anglia. I am currently reviewing products for kitchen cheats or great ingredients. I thought this might be of interest for your customers, please can you spread the word.

If you are interested in getting more coverage for your products, could you please send me the following details:

  • RRP
  • Who stocks it?
  • Your website link
  • Product details
  • Photograph of the product both pack shot and lifestyle shot if you have them.
  • 2 samples so that I can photograph one and try one.

I would be most grateful if you could come back to me asap as I need product by the 25th of January 2013 , so that I can get your product a big shout out.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Thanks and best regards

Vhari Russell

49 West End, Brampton, CAMBS, PE28 4SF
Tel; 07769683020


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