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Visit WBC at Spring Fair International 2013

Fancy a day out that’s part work and part play? Ok, not really play, but it is super important for any retailer who sells gifts, and that’s pretty much most of us. Spring Fair International 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham is Europe’s leading home and gift trade fair and a great way to give your gifting a fresh kick-start into 2013! We’ll be exhibiting on stand 5B105 and we’d love you to visit us. Find out more about what we’ll be exhibiting and why you should save the date…

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Valentine’s gift packaging ideas: what’s on our shelf?

We all know the drill by now. Like it or lump it, if we get caught out on Valentine’s Day we do so at our peril. We can spend all the time in the world pondering the unfairness of it all; the sheer materialistic exploitation of us lovers in the world, who only want to love, not shop, are instead unwittingly manoeuvred into a position of fear and trembling at the very thought of returning to the connubial bed chamber empty-handed.

Hey, at least it makes for good business!

So lest you get caught out, we asked the visual merchandisers the Metamorphosis group to put together a simple collection of Valentine’s gift packaging ideas that will save your customers bacon and hopefully bag you some extra profits at this slower time of year. All the Valentine’s gift packaging and retail display units you see below are currently in stock and ready to go; with delivery in 24 hours. See something you like? Give us a call on 08000 85 85 95.

Tip 1

This Valentine’s Day display is more than just beautiful paper and ribbon. Create eye catching displays that increases impulse purchasing and imprints what the shop has to offer on the minds of consumers.

To create this look, choose a palette of colour to unify the various materials you’ll be using to wrap items with. In this case, our colour palette was red and natural white – obvious colours that communicate the theme of Valentines’ Day, but the principle applies to whatever retail display theme you’re working towards. Against the backdrop of the Kingsley range of free standing retail display units, the Valentine’s hamper visually stands out throughout the promotion.

Use simple materials like tissue paper and double layered decorative ribbon, which are contrasting in colour and at texture, when wrapping.

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Visual merchandising experts reveal their top tips

Retail display concepts for pop up shops and independent retailersWhen it comes to visual merchandising and retail display, a New Year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your successes and an obvious time to evaluate where improvements can be made. We believe that each and every New Year brings with it a fresh start and room to plan, re-think and strategise. The following five ‘must dos’ highlight key areas that will ensure you’re set up for a successful 2013.

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Are you a food producer interested in more press coverage?

The Food Marketing expert, Vhari Russell, is currently reviewing food and drinks products for regular features in the Cambridgeshire journal. She is calling on all producers operating in the East Anglia region to get in touch with their product details and samples etc so she can taste-test and write it up for the press. We work with Vhari and she has a fantastic reputation in the fine food industry. She’s also a great source of inspiration for small businesses, plus she gets write-ups pretty much EVERYWHERE else too; we can highly recommend her as a great person to be in touch with. So if you could do with some extra love in the press, go on, it’s free, and you know what they say about free publicity….! *racks brain for the correct answer* Get in touch with the food marketing expert today, or contact us and we’ll happily bridge the gap. Here’s a letter from the expert herself:

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