Why printed ribbon makes sense for decorating hampers

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Let’s talk printed ribbon for a second.

Remember when you were forced to wear school uniform every day of your life and you had this love/hate relationship with it? You moaned about it of course, but then when it came down to it, there was something remarkably satisfying in not having to think about what you were going to wear every day. Well that’s printed ribbon for us.

One simple printed ribbon to dress all your hampers. It’s quite genius actually and WBC’s branding service is receiving more and more requests for it. Maybe standardisation calms us down or something, but order and uniformity appeals to many of us, and for the retailer, it gives your merchandising a harmonious visual appeal. Branding ribbon in your corporate colours, logo, name or message, reinforces your brand and gives it identity, a quick and cost effective way to turn generic  plus it just looks classy too.

Available in almost any pantone colour of your choice, below you’ll find our list prices, pantone colours and 5 reasons you should give personalised gift packaging a try. But first,   take a look at some recent companies that are using printed ribbon to dress their hampers. Evidence that some of the simple things in life don’t come free, but certainly look fabulous.




5 reasons you should try printed ribbon

  1. An affordable branding option for small businesses
  2. Provides retailers with the premium finish that branding offers without the hefty price tag that bespoke packaging can incur.
  3. Some retailers overstock when it isn’t always necessary. Many recognised brands choose to make their money stretch further by stocking a limited range of gift packaging and accessorising with printed ribbon.
  4. Image matters – printed ribbon immediately identifies your company, and differentiates your gift from others on the market
  5. A super-fast 15 day turnaround from artwork approval means it’s not a long drawn-out process to start promoting your brand.

Branded ribbon uk


Download these PDF’s to see the full range of colours available: 750 Shade Card PDF and 630 Shade Card PDF. Call our sales team on 08000 85 85 95, or e-mail branding@wbc.co.uk to find out more and place your order.


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