A Christmas plea from a local high street shop

Reading our local village forum yesterday, I came across this ‘plea from a local retailer’, but it could have come from any one of the thousands of community high street stores up and down the country trying to make a successful go at Christmas trading. It seemed a timely reminder for all of us shoppers as we head into Christmas to remember that we all have a choice where we shop and who we give our money to. Sometimes the options aren’t there, but for many of us, we have pop-up shops, #shoplocal campaigns, farmer’s markets and indie/sole traders right there on our doorsteps. Perhaps it’s time we gave them first dibs?

Good luck with your trading this weekend, from all of us at WBC

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  1. James Hayward at 5:31 pm

    We are totally spoilt here in London for brilliant shops, markets and pop-ups all over the place but the wonder is spreading across the UK. Shopping at a real shop offers so much more, I always get taught a little something that I would never learn in supermarket.

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