Yes Chef! Bespoke catering keeps WBC engines well-oiled

Some of you may know that during the busy Christmas sales period we call upon the amazing skills of talented Italian chef Mario Presi to keep us fed and watered. I know, utterly decadent right? Probably makes us sound like the Imelda Marcos of the gift packaging world, but in truth, it’s really just a clever ploy to keep us entirely focussed on you, and getting your Christmas orders out as fast as possible. Something to do with the way to a man’s heart, that I’m sure applies equally well to the ladies. While it’s not quite the feeding of the 5,000, the truth is we’re probably just as messy. So we appreciate Mario’s hard effort and patience.

Here are a few of the masterpieces we’ve had the pleasure to consume these past few weeks! Big thanks to all the local suppliers for the produce that’s keeping us well fed and watered.

Our local suppliers:

M. Moens & Sons Butcher
MG & Son (Wholesale Greengrocers) Ltd
The Dessert Deli
Daily Fish Supplies

You can follow Mario on twitter , he is available for hire if you’d like to borrow him, but you will have to give him back.

A chef on a bike! What more could you want?



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  1. Joanne Opal at 11:53 am

    That food looks so tasty, I am really hungry now! It certainly looks like you have everything under control and hope for a successful run up to Christmas with all the food.


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