Food Marketing Experts’ 5 elements of a great Christmas display

Born from a passion to help pop-up shops and independent retailers on the British high street, I recently visited Brampton based gift shop ‘It’s Your Gift’ to share with them the tips we’ve picked up over the years, specifically in terms of increasing trade through retail signage, and point-of-sale display in the run up to Christmas. Take a look at what you can achieve on a small budget with minimal time and fuss; all for maximum impact.

Possibly the most vital element for any retailer, is how you display products to your customers. This has never been more important than now. Competition has grown and is at its peak around the festive period – your customer will be thinking hard before he/she parts with their cash.

My key elements of a great display:

1. Keep it clear!
Ensure products are clearly visible at all times – sounds obvious, but over cluttering your displays is the fastest way to lose their impact.

2. Price it up!
Ensure products are clearly priced and labelled. Customers don’t like to ask for prices, in fact the more they know, the more they’ll buy. Include extra information like the provenance, traceability, sustainability or staff favourites.

3. Let’s get physical!
Customers will want to handle the product. We touch before we buy, it’s a natural human instinct – we use all our senses when we shop.

4. Merchandise, Merchandise!
Group like-with-like, use seasonal or colour ranging – both great ways to seasonalise products or pick up on key colour trends.

5. Group products
Blocks of colour catch your customer’s eyes quickly

The wooden retail display unit we used on the shop floor works particularly well because it is versatile and easy to customise with paint. The stand allows you to add mobile seasonal hot-spots around your store quickly and efficiently. Janet Kneen the owner of ‘It’s Yours’ has trialled the merchandising unit positioned both near the till and also as the first display you come across when you walk into the shop; both have been a success. Placing wicker gift baskets by the stand encourages customers to use them as a handy shopping basket. It had an immediate impact on sales because customers were given a solution to their shopping requirements as soon as they walked through the door.

Janet Kneen is delighted with the display. She explained that last year she had similar products in baskets on a table. This year, Kneen says “It has worked so much better in the stand. It has delivered increased sales, product impact to the customers, great seasonal ranging. I am so delighted with the stand that I have ordered another one.”

My top recommended Christmas display items:

  • Retail display starter kit (RD/DW6 £110.95 Ex Vat) – A great display with a versatile range of baskets
  • Blackboard display signs (RDPBM £0.59 Ex Vat unit) – Reversible blackboard /whiteboard – perfect for conveying messages and pricing.
  • Clip on sign holders (RD14 £1.19 Ex Vat for 10 units) – Add impact to your messages and pricing with re-usable clips that attach to any display in seconds.
  • Liquid Chalk pens (RD/CHALK £7.50 Ex Vat) – 4 coloured chalk markers means you can add colour to your messages, and colour stands out better than white!
  • Wooden basket stand holder (STAND £4.29 Ex Vat) – Perfect for putting your baskets in. Don’t forget to position lots of baskets at the store entrance. Studies have shown that a customer will spend less if they have nothing to carry it in.
  • Great products that you’re passionate about.

Wishing you great festive sales this Christmas.

Vhari Russell

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